You are called
Artist: John David Coupland
C______________ Dm7
You are called, you are called,
________Em7________ F______ G
You are called to belong to Jesus.
C______________ Dm7
Called, you are called,
________Em7________ F______ G____ C
You are called to belong to Jesus Christ.

You are loved and called by God,
__ Am__________F__G
To be His holy people.
______Am____________ G
Bless all who do you wrong,
______F____________ G
Bless all and never curse.

Live in harmony with God,
And never be conceited.
Rejoice when others do,
And mourn when others mourn.

Never repay anyone
With evil for their evil.
Be careful do what’s right
In the sight of everyone.

Oh and never take revenge,
Leave room for God’s own fury.
If hunger stalks your foe,
Then feed him to his shame.

You should not be overcome,
By evil but through Christ our Lord,
Appointed Son of God,
And risen from the dead.

CCLI No. 6294812