Worship - Mark Laurent (lyrics by Rosie Bettany)
Artist: Mark Laurent
WORSHIP - (lyrics by Rosie Bettany, music by Mark Laurent)

It’s easy enough to worship
When life goes by like a song
But the love that pleases never ceases
When everything goes dead wrong.

You may choose to follow the path I set
Or you’re free to make plans of your own
But my choice for you is the one that leads
To my glorious throne.

Wait, listen
Wait, listen
Wait, listen to me.

The path will sometimes be thorny
To carry the cross will cause pain
Can you worship although you don’t understand
Through sunshine, through rain?

Will you choose to surrender and bow your knee?
To trust though life is falling apart?
To offer your life through storm and through strife
Into my father’s arms.

Wait, listen
Wait, listen
Wait, listen to me.