Same Old Story - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
SAME OLD STORY - Mark Laurent

It’s the same old story
And the same old show
That’s what you’re thinking
Well I only wish that you could know
That I’m not up here for laughs
And life’s much more than money
But it’s Jesus that you need
And he sent me to sow the seed.

“That’s words, just words,
But we need something real”
That’s what I’ve heard you say
But words are only the messengers
For the feelings that words cannot convey
But my words will just slip by
If you’re not prepared to try them
How can you hope to feel
What he wants you to feel?

Yes, and how many times
Have you laughed between the lines
“Jesus loves you, he died for you,
He’ll set you free”?
But you just shook him off
You lift up your head and scoff
If you close your eyes
How can you expect to see
You’ve got your mind made up
About something you don’t even understand
You cover your ears with your hands
Well that doesn’t make sense to me.

So you’ll go on back
To your nowhere track
Where your dreams lie buried in the ground
And you can party all night
But you curse the daylight
And the happiness that you’ve never found
Then you’ll pick up the pieces
Of your broken existence
And try to make them fit some other way around.

There is no doctrine
Or no magical potion
That can carry you to heaven’s gate
Because Jesus is the way
And he’s calling you today
For the hour is getting late
And there’s just no use to hide
In the shadow of your pride
Because if you go back down this time
You might never get it straight.

Jesus still loves you
And he’s reaching out with his hand
And all you have to do
Is give your broken heart to him
And he’ll give his everything to you
And I wouldn’t be here
Singing these songs
And sounding like a fool
If Jesus wasn’t true.