No More Compromise - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent

No more compromise
a double-minded man is so unstable
no more compromise
make the choice while you’re still able
because time is running out
and when it does there won’t be
no choosing any more

No more compromise
no man can serve two masters
open up your eyes – you’ll see
the chasm growing so much faster
between the good and the evil
to one or the other
you must be reconciled

You’ve got to be cold or hot
you’ll never make it if you’re not
it’s all or nothing, and there’s no doubt
the truth is either black or it’s white
there’s no shadow in His sight
and if you’re not in
you’ll be left out.

No more compromise
if you can say ‘Jesus is my Lord’
look up to the skies
turn your heart from the lures of this world
forgetting the things behind
and reaching forward
to the high calling of God.