Trust - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
TRUST - Mark Laurent

Why wake up early
And go to bed so late
When worry won’t add one minute to your time
(I’m learning to put away things too hard for me)
Consider the sparrows
See how the lilies grow
God himself takes care of all their needs
So how much more must he care for us
When he gave so much to make us free.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord.

I spent most of my life
Chasing fantasies
The grass was always greener over there
I’ve hands-full of nothing for my care
And you seem so anxious
About so many things
But just one thing is needful in the end
Hold onto that good part, my friend
On this you can depend.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord.

The world is in anguish
Like a woman giving birth
Our foolishness and sin have brought this on
Now the time is at hand, it won’t be long
As we stand in the valley of decision every day
Fear can make you feel so paralysed
But there’s a bright road up ahead
If we’ll open up our eyes.

And blessed are those who trust in the Lord.