I Wonder Why - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
I WONDER WHY - Mark Laurent

38 years ago I came upon this land
to a city of refugees, I’ve been doing the best I can
but sometimes it seems so hard
living what I believe
and even my best attempts fall short
of the wisdom that I perceive

Prodigal children, like sheep we have gone astray
caught on this treadmill, all living our separate ways
but deep inside we know that something is wrong
the pieces just don’t seem to fit
we tell our stories, we sing our songs
but that just doesn’t make it

We are all travellers living in a foreign land
seeking our destiny - a picture, a plan
but I know there is a way
that’s higher than the ways of man
Oh Lord please help me to see the truth
show me who I am

In the darkness of the night
when shadows make me stumble
peering toward the light
I reach for you
and I wonder why I do.