Hey Jesus - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
HEY JESUS - Mark Laurent

Hey Jesus, hey Jesus, why do you love us like you do?

You created this world for your pleasure
and you made man to be just like you
but we’ve thrown away life’s greatest treasure
now we’re ever so lost without you
still you promised to see us through.

You came down and dwelt among us like a peasant
a stranger in the midst of your own
and you laid down you life a a present
so that darkness by light was overthrown
no greater love has mankind ever known.

You have given back the eyes to this blind man
made a home for those who felt alone
and for the sake of your prodigal children
you were crushed like grain beneath a stone
and the seeds of love you have sown.

Now you’re sitting on your throne in heaven
and you hold this old world in your hands
and though we hurt you, you just keep on forgiving us
and you promise that you love will never end
I guess I just don’t understand your love
I guess we just don't understand.