The Day of the Lord
Artist: John David Coupland
______ Am________ G______________F__G______Am
Oh the Day of the Lord will come on like a thief,
the Heavens will disappear.
____E____________ Am G__F
The elements will be destroyed,
____Dm________ F__G____Am
the Earth will be laid bare.
________F______ G__________________C__G Am
Yes the fire is coming and there’s no escape
________ F________ G________C
from the righteous wrath of God.
______ F______ G________ Am____F
Let us give ourselves to godly lives,
__ G__ F____G__ F____G__________ LAST TIME END ON Am.
be holy, be holy, be holy.

Long ago by God’s word the whole Earth was made,
from water it all appeared,
And by these waters was destroyed,
by flood, by the Lord’s own tears.

Now a thousand years are like a day,
a day like a thousand years,
The Lord is patient wanting none
to perish but to draw near.

CCLI No. 6296236