The Way - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
THE WAY - Mark Laurent

Wide is the road that leads to destruction
and many go that way
it’s an easy trip when you’re floating downstream
but it does not pay
straight is the path that leads to heaven
and narrow is the gate
every one of us must face this decision
which will be our fate?

Thee ar3 so many talkers in this world
they’re all claiming to be right
but all they do is add to the confusion
what un unhappy plight
but Jesus said “If you’ll hold to my words
then the truth will make you free”
so if we’ll practice what he has been preaching
we will plainly see – why he says.

I am the way, won’t you follow me
I am the truth you must obey
I am the life and I will live in you
if you’ll open your heart today.

The devil only comes to steal and to destroy
to kill and to deceive
but Jesus came that we might have his life
and that abundantly
he lays before us blessing and cursing
it’s the choice that we must make
so if you can hear his voice he’s calling you
choose life for heaven’s sake.