Song For The Martyrs
Artist: Derek Flowers
Song For the Martyrs

Under the alter in Heaven one day
The martyrs asked the Lord
“How much longer will it be
Till you bring an end to it all?”

The Lord answered,
“It’s coming soon
Now rest and here abide
More martyrs must soon arrive.”

Stephan was there in a robe of white
Peter and Andrew nearby
With thousands more who throughout all time
Had faithfully given their lives

A red trail of martyr’s blood
Across the centuries testifies
They ran and
Won the prize

A young nurse, just twenty-seven
At a children’s clinic in Yemen
Became the victim of some mad man’s jihad
Only because she was a Christian

Her husband too,
A missionary
For his deeds of love also died
Both welcomed on the other side.

Zak Omar, for accepting Jesus
Now awaits his sharia death
Under the alter a cheer is heard
As he nears his final breath

But on earth
Are we too busy
To notice the martyr’s plight?
Out of mind and out of sight.

Right now in Islamic dungeons
And today in Communist jails
Our brethren are beaten and tortured
Broken bodies but faith unfailed

Every day as they are dying
And the number under the alter grows
The final day draws closer
And the blood of the martyrs flows

The blood of the martyrs
Is the seed of the church.