I Burned The Letter
Artist: Derek Flowers
I Burned The Letter

He passed by me
on the gravel street.
Put a letter in my hand
Our eyes did never meet,
Dark shadows chased him
I ran to the hotel and locked the door.

I read the letter as a knock came
Then pounding broke the door
I reached for the heater and threw the letter in
Knocked to the floor,
kicked, and beaten.

“Where are the Bibles,
Who are you going to see
You’ll rot in captivity
Your God cannot set you free”

I only came to bring God’s love
No weapon, unarmed
Bringing Truth to set them free
In a place so dark
To people who kill Christ's servants.

Many dark nights later
Taken to the borderline
Freed and threatened never to return.
The letter’s message unrevealed
Saved for the Church for whom it was concealed.

“We suffer here while you banquet and play
We die for Christ daily while you forget to even pray
You spend your missions offering on buildings and ambitious gain.
Shame to you, purity must be regained.”ity must be regained.”