To Worship You
Artist: Paul Dreisbach
G __C ____G __ D
V1:__I wait for you oh Lord,__I’m longing for Your presence
__ G C G __D__
__ To fill me with Your love,__and find that place of peace

____C __ ______ D
Bridge: At the dawn, I will seek Your face
__ C D
____ Steal away to that secret place

__ G C ______G __ D
V2:__You are Lord most high,__upon the throne forever
__G C ____G __D
__ And yet You draw me near,__my ever-loving Father

G C D __Em7 C D
Chorus:__To Worship You…… call Your name
G C D ____Em7 C D
______To hear Your voice…….Lord every Day
______To worship You

__ G ____________ C ________ G __ D
V3:__I’m yearning for a chance…to be alone with You, Lord
__ G C __ G ____D
__ To leave the world behind…and run into Your arms

Copyright Paul Dreisbach__2012