Artist: Paul Dreisbach
G C G ____________C
v1 Oh Lord, You mean so much to me. My world revolves around You
Am7 __D Am7 D
You wake me every morning, and You're with me thru the night
G C __ G C
My words cannot express to You, all that I want to say
Am7 D____Am7 __D
So this song will have to do, until I see You face to face

G____C ______G____C __ Am7____D Am7____ D
Chorus: Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

G ____ C G C
v2 My hope and joy are in You Lord. You calm my heart and my soul
Am7 __D __ Am7 __D
You lead me to still waters, and You anoint my head with oil
__G __ C G ________C
Words Lord, can only do so much, But you know just how I feel
Am7 __D ____Am7 ____ D
The truth is in my heart, and so I sing to You:

______Em __ C ______G D
Bridge: Jesus how can I tell You how much I love You for all You've done
____ Em ____ C G D
You made me and then You chose me to dwell in Your house all of my life

Copyright Paul Dreisbach 2012