A Widow's Mite
Artist: Gord Lang
Well it wasn’t much but it was all that I had as I went up to worship that day
After paying the rent, and buying the food – I still had the doctor to pay
You could almost hear the people sneer as they sat and watched me pass by
They were too busy judging the size of my gift to truly hear my heart’s cry

Have you seen my tears have you felt my fears as you sit there in comfort today
Is it heavenly love from the Father above – as I listen to words that you say
Will you lend a hand and help me to stand when the darkness is stronger than Light
It’s a lonely life for a widowed wife – and there’s nothing better in sight

From the side of the room I caught his eye – I’d never seen him before
But he seemed to know all about my life as I made my way to the door
Without a doubt I just wanted out from the critical eyes of the crowd
And I was almost safe on my way back home when I heard him say it out loud

Of all those here I tell you clear there’s no one who’s given so free
With a gift so small still she’s given her all with no thought to her own poverty
From a heart of love for her Father above - to fill up this earthly store
When they count out her pay at the end of life’s day she’ll have treasure in Heaven and more

So I learned that day this valuable lesson and I’d like to share it with you
That little is much when blessed by the Master if He’s telling you what you should do
It appears so small before them all – who are so quick to judge every deed
But every bountiful crop in the coming harvest begins with one little seed

(And) It may not be much to the critics and such - but it’s everything that I own
And God who can see will provide for me – He’ll never leave me alone
Though no one cares still He hears my prayers and approves from heaven above
And the joy that I feel I just can’t conceal as I bask in His wonderful love
(Oh the joy that I feel I don’t want to conceal as I bask in His wonderful love)