A Widow's Mite
Artist: Gord Lang
C __C7 __F ____ C
(Well) It wasn’t much but it was all that I had as I went up to worship
______ G
that day
C ____F ______ C____________________G
After paying the rent, and buying the food – I still had the doctor to pay
__ C______________ F______C____________________________________G
You could almost hear the people sneer as they sat and watched me pass by
__________C____________________ F__________C______G____________ G7
They were too busy judging the size of my gift to truly hear my heart’s

______C7__ F____________________ C__________________ F__
Have you seen my tears have you felt my fears as you sit there in
comfort today
______ F______________________C__________________ D________ D7
Is it heavenly love from the Father above – as I listen to words that you
__C7______F______________ C________________C7______ F
Will you lend a hand and help me to stand when the darkness is stronger
than Light
C7____ F C ____G________G7
It’s a lonely life for a widowed wife – and there’s nothing better in
__ C