Send the Rain
Artist: Gord Lang
D G ____ D
Lord the heavens have been closed because we've strayed so far from You
____A __A7
There's a thirsting in our spirits for the early morning dew
____D ____ G
We had blessings in abundance – but now they seem so few
__D ______A __________G
We stand humbled in Your presence – and the only thing to do (is to cry)

D ____D7 ____ G
(We cry) Lord – (won't You please) send the rain
D __ A
Send us times of refreshing once again
____ (Send us times of refreshing once again)
A7 D ______G
We need rest from all our labors and healing from the pain
______ D __A A7 __D
Oh Lord (in Your mercy) send the rain____________ A7________G/D
__(send the rain)