My Surrender
Artist: Gord Lang
They say its too late now to follow my dreams
The end is approaching – or so it all seems
But I can't believe that its all been in vain
For one final goal – I've got Heaven to gain
As I reach for the prize – there is Heaven to gain

I take all that I've hoped for from Heaven above
And all I've been given by Your tender love
All this world's expectations that I couldn't meet
I lay in surrender - at Your nail-scarred feet
Lord - I lay in surrender - at Your nail-scarred feet

Now sometimes I wonder what I have achieved
And have I been faithful with what I've received
But when the accuser comes in like a flood
Then the Spirit of God says “Its under the blood
There's no condemnation – its under the blood!”

I'm through with my struggles for comfort on earth
You've always provided since the day of my birth
Whatever's left over is not mine to claim
Lord – all of the glory must go to your Name
I give all the glory to Your holy name