Paid In Full
Artist: Gord Lang
It was shattered and broken – beyond repair and I wondered – what should I do now?
D ____G ____ D A/A7
It was hard to believe any worth remained – still it had to be paid for somehow
D D7 G ____ D
I shuddered to look very closely at the terrible mess I had made
D7__G ____________D ______ A A7____D
But the note on the bill so clearly declared - “This debt has been fully paid”

D7 __G __D
“Paid in full!” - but I didn't deserve so much mercy ______________ D7______ G
I was clearly to blame for the unsightly scene there before me
__D A A7______G____D
And my deepest regret couldn't pay for the debt that I owed to
the Potter that day
D7 G D____
But because of the depth of His unfailing love______-____there was nothing that I had to pay