Love Never Ends
Artist: Gord Lang
Once I promised you that I would always love you
Only death could separate us for a while
And I couldn't have loved you any more than I did
Every time I would capture your riveting smile

After so many years – through the sunshine and rain
I remember all the good times we had
And your radiant face still appears in my mind
Like it did even when times were bad

When they told me that soon we'd be saying good-bye
I was sure that I could never go on
But you said I must never keep holding to you
That I must keep on living even when you were gone

Now I'm thankful for the Help-mate He's given to me
Both of you would have been best of friends
I've been blessed with the way things have happened – but still
I can't ever forget you 'cause love never ends

After so many years – through the sunshine and rain
Your name still comes to mind now and then
And my promise to love you 'til death do us part
Didn't figure that love never ends
(I'll always love you – because love never ends)