Yet before all of these
Artist: John David Coupland
C____________ F
We have asked you for love,
________C__________ Em
We have pleaded for power,
________F______________ C________ G
We have cried, "Lord, revive us today!"
Yet before all of these,
________ Am__________Em
There is one needful thing,
________ F________ C____________G__C
It's the wisdom to know what to pray.
________F______________G________ C
In your love, grant us wisdom in loving.
________F______________ G________ C
In your power, grant us wisdom in deeds,
______ Dm
And in words make us wise,
sifting truth, sifting lies,
________Bb__________________ G
May the wisdom of God be our guide.

We have asked for forgiveness,
And begged you to heal,
We have sought for your strength day by day.
Yet before

We have Called on your mercy,
Petitioned for signs,
And for wonders to prove what we say.
Yet before
CCLI No. 5329472