My Strong Tower
Artist: Gord Lang
D __ A
Well You told me that the way would not be easy
A7 G ____A __ A7 ____D____
But You said You would be there to hear my cry__
__D7 ____ G
Now I know You're all I'm needing when my world begins to crumble
D A A7______ D
I can rise on wings of eagles when the mountain seems so high

D7 ______G D
When there's no more tears to cry – You are my Comfort
D7 ______G __ D
When there's no more strength to try - I feel Your power
__A ____ A7 ____ D ______ D7__ G
When the brooks have all run dry it's Living Water that I long__for
__________________D______________________________G______ D__A____ A7 G/D
________ When I'm looking for a refuge then Your Name is my Strong Tower