Let Me Touch You
Artist: Gord Lang
Well they say I'm unclean and I shouldn't be here
Still the doctors can't find any cure
And I've searched everywhere for an answer to prayer
But to the righteous I'm forever impure

I've done all I can do I'm just waiting for You
To respond to my heart's desperate cry
Lord, I've taken my stand now I stretch out my hand
Let me touch You while You're passing by

Now I heard how You made the blind man to see
And the leper was cleansed with a word
How I hope that it's true as I reach out to You
For release from what I have endured

When You ask - Who it was – it surprises the crowd
For it could have been anyone here
Then You say that I'm healed that my future is sealed
By a love that dispels every fear

And my waiting is through – I'm so grateful that You
Took the time just to answer my cry
Now where ever I go I want people to know
That they can touch You while You're passing by