Oh my Lord hear my prayer
Artist: John David Coupland
A____ E____________ F#m
Oh my Lord, hear my prayer,
________D____________ A
see the weeping of my eyes,
________E______________A____ E
And the yearning of my heart.
A______ E____________F#m
With my lips I now declare
________ D________________ A
this one truth that never dies,
______ E__________________ A Asus4__A
“Oh my God, how great you are!”
D________ E________F#m____D
Mountains tremble, oceans roar,
D______ E____________ A Asus4__A
Empires tumble to the ground.
D______ E______ F#m
Yet the tender, broken heart
D__________E____________D__ E
Finds such mercy in the sound - -
of your praise.

CCLI 5111367