How lovely is your dwelling place Ps84
Artist: John David Coupland
PS84__ CCLI No 5292963

C__________________ Em
____F G____C
Oh Lord of Hosts,
I pine, I faint, I long to be,
Within the Temple Courts,
____ F______________ C
And every breath within me,
Shall cry aloud to you,
____ F______________ C____ Am
"The Living God, the Living God,
I put my trust in you."

Within the Temple of my God,
The sparrow builds her nest,
The swallow rears her brood,
And by your altar finds her rest,

Oh Lord of Hosts our God and King,
We praise you without end,
And set out on the pilgrim's way,
The happiest of men,

A day is better spent with you,
Than thousands spent at home,
Your doorstep brings a blessing,
That the wicked have not known,

The Lord he is my battlement,
The Lord he is my shield,
Such grace and honour he will give,
To those who choose to yield,