Hail The Day
Artist: Church of Monett
Hail the day that sees Him rise,
Heav'nward from our wishful eyes!
Christ, awhile to mortals given,
Reascends His native heaven.

There the glorious triumph waits,
Lift your heads, eternal gates;
Wide unfold the radiant scene;
Take the King of glory in!

Circled round with angel powers,
Their triumphant Lord, and ours,
Conqueror over death and sin,
Take the King of glory in!

Him though highest Heav’n receives,
Still He loves the earth He leaves;
Though returning to His throne,
Still He calls mankind His own.

Saviour, parted from our sight,
High above yon azure height,
Grant our hearts may thither rise,
Foll'wing Thee beyond the skies.