My God, Where Shall I Wend My Flight
Artist: Church of Monett
1. My God, where shall I wend my flight?
Ah, help me on upon the way;
The foe surrounds both day and night
And fain my soul would rend and slay;
Lord God, Thy Spirit give to me,
Then on Thy ways I’ll constant be
And, in Life’s Book, eternally.

2. When I in Egypt still stuck fast,
And traveled calm broad paths of ease,
Then was I famed, a much-sought guest,
The world with me was quite at peace;
Enmeshed was I in Satan’s gauze,
My life abomination was
Right well I served the devil’s cause.

3. But when I turned me to the Lord,
And gave the world a farewell look,
Sought help against the evil horde,
The lore of Antichrist forsook;
Then was I mocked and sore defamed,
Since Babel’s councils I now disdained;
The righteous man is e’er disclaimed!

4. As one may read of Abel, famed,
Zacharias too – recall it well –
And Daniel too, whom bad men framed
So that he among fierce lions fell;
So were the prophets treated all,
Christ Jesus too – it is good to recall –
Nor were the prophets spared this call.

5. I’d rather choose the sorrow sore,
And suffer as of God the child
Than have from Pharaoh all his store,
To revel in for one brief while;
The realm of Pharaoh cannot last,
Christ keeps His kingdom sure and fast;
Around His child his arm He casts.

(There are 6 more lines to this song listed in the hymnal.)