I Will Press On To Perfection
Artist: Church of Monett
1. I will press on to perfection, Where is bliss with Thee;
I'll endeavor there to ever Dwell in victory!
Though apposed, by foes deterred, Weak - yet calls fore'er Thy Word,
"Fear thou not for I am with thee ... I will strengthen thee"!

2. With the called ones meeting just ones, 'Round the Lamb's great throne;
I must haste, procrastination, Waits 'till time has flown;
He, who runs his chance aground, Forfeits life, reward and crown,
Hence let base resolves all perish, Sin, I will have none!

3. Lord, do Thou direct my vision Hence upon life's goal;
Guide my way, grant true contrition, Lest sin take its toll.
Should I world allurement see, Then do Thou grant victory,
In Thy mercy lead me safely, To Thy heav'nly fold.

4. Thou must succor, my endeavors Lack and are too frail.
In my failing, soul travailing, Help me strength avail!
For Thy blood atones for sins, And Thy Spirit new life brings,
Lord, Thy crowning day awaits me, Help me ne'er to fail!