Come Brethren, Let Us Go!
Artist: Church of Monett
1. Come, brethren let us go! The evening closeth round,
‘Tis perilous to linger here, On this wild desert ground,
Take courage as ye wend, On towards eternity,
From strength to strength your course shall be, And blest at last your end.

2. We shall not grieve our choice, Though strait our path and steep,
We know that He who called us here His Word shall ever keep;
Then follow trusting; come, And let each set his face
Toward yonder fair and blessed place, Intent to reach our home.

3. The body and the house, Deck not but deck the heart,
With all your powers; we are but guests Ere long we must depart,
Ease brings disease; content, Howe’er his lot may fall,
A pilgrim bears and bows to all, For soon the time is spent.

4. Come children let us go! Our Father is our Guide;
And when the way grows steep and dark, He journeys at our side;
Our spirits He would cheer, The sunshine of His love,
Revives and helps us as we rove, Ah, blest our let e’en here.

5. O hasten bravely on, Nor yet our goal is near;
Look to the fiery pillar oft, That tells the Lord is here;
Onward your glances fend, Love beckons us, nor think,
That they who follow chance to sink, Shall miss their journey’s end.

6. For this all things we dare, ‘Tis worth the risk, I know,
Renouncing all that blocks our course, Or weighs us down below;
O world, thou art too small; We seek another way,
Where Christ doth guide us day by day, And God is all in all!