Welcome To Dystopia
Artist: Rick Roman
Welcome To Dystopia
by Bernie Hahn
Dystopia where are you?
I'm searching for Dystopia.
All my friends are there.
Where are you?

Sedentary allegations breed suspicious minds,
Momma told you never talk to strangers.
See the enemy abound on every street you find
Who can save you from this present danger?
Jesus save me
Darkness edging from the east.
another night of fear
Evil needs a victim for its passion.
Lock the windows, bolt the door,
another mother's tears
Why is all this killing now in fashion in this world?

Malicious malcontents run rampant in your neighborhoods
like monsters children dream are under beds.
Politicos & thought-police try tell you "all is well"
They're sorry to inform you, God is dead!
So keep your morals to yourself,
we love our life of sin.
Isn't that the liberal equation?
"Don't restrict our flagrancy, its imperative we win."
Countless numbers now hold this persuasion,
in this world!

Welcome to Dystopia. a land of make-believe
where wicked people triumph over good.
Is it just pretend or is there more than meets the eye.
Is this depiction more than Hollywood?
Welcome to Dystopia, resort for the unnatural
where Dant'e looks for lost souls he can fell.
Two roads lie before you, with such little time to choose
A road that leads to heaven or a road that leads to hell
A life that leads you higher and another ends with fire.
If Dystopia's your destination be prepared to burn for awhile.

Burnie Hahn: Guitars,
Backgound Vocals.
Rick Roman: Keyboard, Bass,
Drum Programming, Vocals.

Dystopia is an imaginary place
where people think they must attain
to be happy. It's the world with all
its glitter and gold. It is a counterfeit
of the real thing. It Is where people
think they have the upper hand.