Almighty Sovereign Of The Skies
Artist: Church of Monett
Almighty Sovereign of the skies,
To thee let songs of gladness rise,
Each grateful heart its tribute bring,
And every voice thy goodness sing.

From thee our choicest blessings flow,
Life, health, and strength, thy hands bestow,
The daily good thy creatures share,
Springs from thy providential care.

The rich profusion nature yields,
The harvests waving o'er the fields,
The cheering light, refreshing shower,
Are gifts from thy exhaustless store.

At thy command the vernal bloom,
Revives the world from winter's gloom,
The summer's heat the fruit matures,
And autumn all her treasures pours.

From thee proceed domestic ties,
Connubial bliss, paternal joy;
On thy support the nations stand,
Obedient to thy high command.

Let every power of heart and tongue,
Unite to swell the grateful song,
While age and youth in chorus join,
And praise the majesty divine.