Praise our God
Artist: Richard Jensen
Praise our God all you who serve Him
You who fear Him, great and small
Who is like Him: high, exalted,
Looking down upon us all?
Not to us, but all to His name
May the glory ever be
For His love is great and steadfast
From our sin has set us free

So we'll sing: Hallelujah
To our King: Hallelujah
We will sing: Hallelujah, O Hallelujah!

In our pride we have departed
All, like sheep, have gone astray
But the Lord is our good Shepherd
He returns us to His way
When we cry for help, he hears us
We may stumble, but not fall
Many are our life's afflictions
He delivers from them all

Praise our God he heals the broken
Binds the wounded, forgives sin
And he saves the crushed in spirit
Pours His loving Spirit in
Opens eyes that once were blinded
Sets the captive prisoner free
Lifts the needy from the ashes
Makes them sit with royalty