Midst The Darkness
Artist: Church of Monett
1. 'Midst the darkness, storm, and sorrow, One bright gleam I see;
Well I know the blessed morrow Christ will come for me.
'Midst the light and peace and glory Of the Father's home,
Christ for me is watching, waiting, Waiting 'til I come.

2. Long the blessed Guide has led me, By the desert road;
Now I see the golden towers, City of my God.
There amidst the love and glory He is waiting yet;
On His hands a name is graven He can ne'er forget.

3. Who is this, who comes to meet me, On the desert way,
As the Morning Star foretelling God's unclouded day?
He it is who came to win me, On the cross of shame;
In His glory well I know Him, evermore the same.

4. O the blessed joy of meeting, All the desert past;
O the wondrous words of greeting, He shall speak at last!
He and I together ent'ring Those fair courts above;
He and I together sharing All the Father's love.