Say Now Ye Lovely Social Band
Artist: Church of Monett
Say now, ye lovely social band,
Who walk the way to Canaan's land;
Ye who have fled from Sodom's plain,
Say, would you now return again?
Have you just ventured to the field,
Well armed with helmet, sword and shield,
And shall the world, with dread alarms,
Compel you now to ground your arms?

Men young and old your loins gird up
For sin has all but filled wrath's cup
Join with God's ranks and take your stance,
Mere would-be soldiers miss their chance.
Waste no time there's a raging war,
And gaze at sin's fair flowers no more,
Set your signts on the Captain's face,
Make firm your heart and swift your pace.

Beware of pleasure's siren song;
Alas! it cannot soothe you long;
It cannot quiet Jordan's wave,
Nor cheer the dark and silent grave.
O let your thoughts delight to soar
Where earth and time shall be no more;
Explore by faith the heavenly fields,
And pluck the fruit that Canaan yields.