Oh Daddy
Artist: Spiritsong
Oh Daddy!

In this world we live we have many a troubles, but do not fret.

He will deliver us, out of them all. All who are weary and heavy laden,

come now to the Lord. He is waiting, can't you hear Him call?

You are My child, My sons and daughters. How i Love you

so much, turn not away from my touch. You are Mine, you are mine!


Oh daddy! I love You so. Oh Daddy! I want You to know.

Oh Daddy!

Your everything to me. Oh Daddy! Through these eyes You see.

Oh Daddy! My desire, desire, desire, desire ...is to be.. with You,

Oh Daddy!

Life is a struggle, a battle a tumble, we fall and get back up.

Endure until the end. Lord, Your Faithful and True!

Jesus said to deny yourself, count the cost, all things lost.

Fix your eyes on Him and you will make it through.

He's our protection, refuge and fortress We're safe as we run to You,

Lord. Keeping us in One accord, In You, In You!