Oh Lord
Artist: Spiritsong
Oh Lord

You are the Potter, I am the clay, do what you will in me this day.

I am Your vessel born from above, I yield to You,

Lord overflowing with Love, overflowing with Love.

Where can I go in this world of decay, to You Lord within,

You show me the Way. On this road that few travel leading to Life,

the Way of the Spirit will end all the strife, will end all the strife


Oh Lord, You are my righteousness. Oh Lord, in You I will find rest.

Oh Lord my Lover and my Friend. Oh Lord, i'll endure until the end.

Oh Lord, I Love You with all my heart. Oh Lord, Your will in me You impart.

Oh Lord, You lift my spirits high. Oh Lord, like an eagle I will fly.

Deep in my heart, tears rise to your throne. Sometimes I feel lonely,

though i'm never alone.Your always there "in" me, with You i'm alive.

Enduring the hardships, with You'll survive, with You i'll survive.

You are the Peace surrounding my soul. I cling to Yehshua as I reach for the goal.

Of the highest call with You i'll attain, to live is Christ and to die is to gain,

to die is to gain.