A Call to War
Artist: Spiritsong

Immeasurable gifts in Him are found, in You we are found. Yahshua our Lord and King.

Our spirit He lifts ever higher. In joy i come to You and sing! Who can stop what He's

begun? This Life in Him, it's us they shun! (Lord to You i'm gonna run...Repeat )

Forever i abide in Your Presence (Your Presence) i worship and bow before

Your throne. In You i'll endure until the end. The longing i have to come on

home. Home is where You always are, deep within our soul it's YOU we KNOW.

(That's where i wanna go...Repeat )


This never ending war we fight, O Lord it may appear. Rise up O mighty warrior,

IN HIM we have no fear! Lifting way up high our sword, the darkness we shall pierce.

And shatter all the mind control, His people will be fierce! His people will be fierce!

The tables now are turning, will you heed the call? His Spirit in you burning, satans

kingdoms gonna fall! Seated together in heavenly places, where the battle has been

won. YHWH conquered death, hell and the grave (by the blood of His Son. (3xs)

Walking day by day in the Spirit, where we are ONE in Him. Healing, restoring

and changing, You deliver us from all sin. Living waters flowing, rising up and out.

Lord to You we shout! (This is what it's all about...Repeat)No matter what your called

to do, of this you can be sure. He always has His eye on you. He is our open door.

Our weary and tired souls get fatigued, from the battles fought. Rest and keep your

guard. (This life at times can be so hard...Repeat )