Your My Life
Artist: Spiritsong
Your My Life

You are the One i need, You are the One i seek.

O Lord God to me, You speak so soft and tenderly.

Under the circumstance, i will not take the chance to go my own way,

but i'll follow You and do what You say, Ohhhhhhh.....


Your my Life, in You i died. So that the world may see,

Your the Lord and Christ in me. You brought me so far to where You are,

on this Spirit journey. Knowing in You how to be.

Your the Love in my heart no one can tear apart.

Like a well springing up within may all who come drink You in. i

confess You are the Christ, You became our sacrifice.

Repentant hearts His Blood will heal, to He chooses to reveal, Ohhhhhhh..