Your Beauty Adonai
Artist: Spiritsong
Your Beauty Adonai (Lord)


Oh the Beauty of Your Holiness. Oh Your Beauty Adonai!

Precious and glorious are Your Ways.

We Love and Worship You all our days.

Oh Your Beauty Adonai,

Oh Your Beauty Adonai!

Comfort Your people, Adonai. Deliver us from evil and sin.

Comfort Your people, Adonai. From the darkness we see raging in.

Oh YHWH MOST HIGH! Your Redemption draweth nigh!

Deep calls unto deep, hear our cry!


Lose your life in YHWH, Father God Draw closer to Him everyday.

Lose your life in YHWH, Father God. Yahshua will show you the Way.

Oh the BLOOD OF JESUS! Will deliver, protect and free us!

Adonai it's You alone we Trust.


He is our comfort..... So lose your life in Yahshua Adonai (Repeat)

Oh Your Beauty

Adonai (4xs)