To Where You Are
Artist: Spiritsong
To Where YOU Are

Lord God Alimighty, YOU are the ONE I seek!

Christ who Lives IN me, I lay myself at YOUR feet.

Oh Lord, what can I do? I cannot run or hide.

Oh Lord, I need YOU. YOU are the WAY, turn my night in day.

Bring me through to where YOU are IN me.


To where YOU are. That's where I want to be.

To where YOU are. In YOUR Holy of Holies.

To Where YOU are. I'm hiding IN YOU. To where YOU are.

Eternally I always knew, I belong to where YOU are..

This is my glory, to praise YOU for who I am.

I will not worry, cleansed by the BLOOD of the LAMB.

Oh Lord, why should I fear, what man can do to me.

It's YOUR voice I long to hear. YOU are my Life,

I will no longer strive. YOU draw me near

to where YOU are IN me.


You fill me with gladness, as I follow the Narrow WAY.

You remove all my sadness, and give me the strength for the day.

I will not lose heart, YOU guide me by YOUR Hand.

YOUR deep Love YOU did impart. I'm not my own,

I am YOURS ALONE. Always calling me to where YOU are... IN me..