Obey or Sacrifice
Artist: Spiritsong
Obey or sacrifice?

This is what i heard Father say, to Love is to obey.

"Don't be afraid to take that step in faith.

Why do you delay to KNOW after you have prayed?

His will and call upon your soul, to help make others whole.

Will you go?(4xs)


Will you obey or sacrifice? Knowing by His Blood He paid the price.

Will you question His Command to Love Him on demand?

Will you hold on to all your pain, tell me what's to gain?

Take a stand and face your fears, He will wipe away your tears.

You cried for many years.

Father said, "listen and hear, sacrifice is driven by fear.

I Know your life has been hard, a soul wounded and scarred.

It's time to let it go, to heal and further grow.

In the many realms where we abide, in Him we are Alive.

Not part of the hive(4xs)


Father's calling you to step out, from your dry and spiritual drought.

All that binds and holds you back, we counterattack.

It's time to say goodbye to your flesh that needs to die.

In the Spirit we will soar much higher, He's our refiners fire.

The devil is a liar (4xs)