Love Of My Life
Artist: Spiritsong
Love Of My Life

i Love You Lord, the Living Word.

Deep in my heart, it's Your voice i heard.

Drifting inside i hear You call drawing me near,

where in You i'll abide, i'll abide.

Lord it is You i've come to know.

i follow the path wherever You go.

With You i will stand, i am the clay,

You mold and You shape me in the palm of Your hand.

Of Your Hand.


You are the Love of my life, Loving Father.

You are the Love of my life, precious Jesus.

You are the Love of my life Holy Spirit.

In You i'm One, Your will be done in this Holy

temple, where in You i belong.

i call out Your Name. i give You my life,

the Peace that i claim, a living sacrifice.

i know You in death, i take up my cross.

Not i but Christ, i count all things lost,

all things lost. Push the enemy back,

when he gets in our face and tries to attack

our shield of faith. You prepare us a place

where Your lambs will hide.

With Your blood on our hearts, no more fear.

No more pride, no more pride.