Joy Of My Life
Artist: Spiritsong
Joy Of My Life


i Love You, i Love You. O Father, i Love You.

Your Love is always there to bring me through.

i Love You, i Love You. Lord Jesus, i Love You.

Your Blood and sacrifice changed my life i've been renewed.

i Love You, i Love You. Holy Spirit, i Love You.

You comfort and teach me to Live is Christ,

(and testify His Words are True ~ Repeat)

You are the Joy of my Life, that strengthens my heart deep inside.

Forever in You, i will always be, i abide in You and you in Me.

Great is Your Love and Kindness, Your arms surround me in sweet caress.

O the wonder of it all. Your Spirit i embrace,

committed to the call by Your Grace.


My desire is to know You more. It's You i Love and adore.

Always calling out Your Name. My eyes are on You, Lord,

i feel Your Loving gaze. The Spirit is my sword.

You lead me by the narrow Way, as i follow in the path You have laid.

i hear the beat of Your Heart. Your longing for Your Bride,

Your Present in my Life. You'll always be my guide.