Jesus, I Love You
Artist: Spiritsong
Jesus i Love You

O my Lord Your Love broke through, i'm no longerthe same.

In You all things i can do, by the power of Your name.

We must all endure forgetting all that lies behind.

Your the open door where we enter in, it's You i adore.

Your Kingdom YHWH is within.


i Love You (echo) i Love You (echo)

i Love You.(Repeat)

Jesus i Love You, yes i do.

And Lord i know that You Love me too.

Lord my life is but a prayer that flows throughout the day.

With You all things i can bare, in Your presence i will say.

Your everything to me, with your eyes i now can see.

This world is not my home no matter where i go.

i will know as i am Known. Your seed of Love i will sow.


It's in You Lord i have died. i am not my own.

Laying down ego and pride, i'm no longer alone.

You'll not forsake me Lord no matter how hard things can get.

By Your faith i overcome. Your Blood delivers me,

this race in You we run. The Truth will set me free.