It Shall Be
Artist: Spiritsong
It Shall Be

Like A mighty rushing wind. Flowers swaying in the breeze.

To see where we have been, and where we're going,

only the Father KNOWS. He will guide us with His hand.

Walking in the narrow Way. The TRUTH will be our stand.

This is reality, where freedom flows.


IN the twinkling of an eye, it shall be, it shall be.

We will KNOW as we are KNOWN, then we'll see as He sees.

There's no time to waste, as we draw to an end.

No more living in haste, our lives must reflect.

The fullness of Christ, a call to holiness. Living sacrifice,

we enter His rest.

Search your heart to find what's there.

Bring to light your secret sins.

Can't you see that it's a snare.

Repent and give yourself to YHWH.

This world is not where you

belong, your home is always IN the LORD.

Be dead to self, in HIM your strong!

Walk in the Spirit, stay TRUE to HIM.