In You I'm Satisfied
Artist: Spiritsong
In You I'm Satisfied

I Love You Lord with all of my soul.

Deep in my heart, You are the goal.

For the upward call IN CHRIST,

i forsake all the lies for the TRUTH.

In You i'm satisfied, O Lord my God

IN You I have died my feet are shod.

With the gospel of Peace.

You give me release...IN You!

I Trust You Lord and surrender all.

I take up my sword, my enemies fall.

The battle is Yours, principalities will flee.... from you!

Lord my righteousness, protector of my life

You are my quest, it's Christ and not I!

Who Lives IN me, who Loves freely in His holy ones!


You are my Peace, Lord, You are my Peace You give me release.

You give me release IN YOU! YOu Live IN me, Lord,

You Live IN me You Love freely, You Love freely.

Through You holy ones! (2xs)

Through Your holy ones!! (2xs)