His Till The End
Artist: Spiritsong
His Till The End

Into Your hands i commend my spirit

when all is said and done.

i come into Your Holy Presence, to You O Lord i run.

O the Glory of Your name.

Understanding all your pain All the worry is insane.

Let it all go and you'll gain,

the Peace, the Peace, the Peace of Christ!.......

In the days to follow Father,

Your preparing all our hearts.

Don't let us faint from fear or sorrow,

or from your will depart.

You will hide us in your Love.

You will shield us from above.

Never turning away, never ceasing to pray.

Your will, your will, your will be done.


Who is like unto You,

Lord of all Your Judgements Just and True.

Your the Living Word, Your the Living Word.

Many malign and profain Your Name, Lord Jesus Christ .

None can stop Your Holy Reign,

none can stop Your Holy reign.

The darkness and evil and all the unheaval

are coming to an end.

When you've done all to stand,

just stand my beloved in this battle of the dead.

Enduring till the end the end.

By My Spirit apprehend. our highest calling in Christ.

No greater sacrifice of Love, of Love, Of Love, Agape Love.

Ask for discernment, His Wisdom,

a yearning to draw close to His throne. He desires,

He longs, He Loves and He woos all those who are His own.

Come into His secret place. Of His presence and His grace.

Come and worship, Him adore.

O Your Spirit will soar in eternity,

in eternity, in eternity NOW!