Changing from Faith to Glory
Artist: Spiritsong
Changing from Faith to Glory

My child follow in my Way.

Hunger and thirst always for me

learn to be. Listen to what I have to say.

Don't push back the pain let yourself hurt.

In the dying you'll lose the you and gain ME instead.

I'll remove all your stain and the dirt.

With the flow of MY Blood i wash them away!

In the tears of your mourning will come to Light

the dawning of a new day.

My son and daughter, come to me in suffering.

This is the road to your freedom.

There's joy in a heart of sadness.

The work of the Cross will bring you gladness.

My pleasure is yours in the pain we share.

That is how I teach you to care.

I'll show you the balance of this life.

To LIVE you will first have to DIE. Lose yourself

IN ME and in you, I'M ALIVE!

My little boy and girl cast off every care.

Don't run and hide, but draw from MY LOVE,

your Father above in you will abide.

Don't be angry for what little you know. Before

time your spirit agreed. Don't pretend anymore just let go.

Be carefree have faith like a child.

Trust in ME and you'll grow. I

n humility made low and I will raise and lift you up.

My Bride, wait for my coming.

Assuage your heart this ache of longing.

For the hope to renew your body. Occupy yourselves IN ME.

Keep your garments pure, spotless and clean.

Our Oneness by faith you will see.

What I have planned before time on that day

will be. The reign of my Bride, she will join with her King.