Breath of Life
Artist: Spiritsong
Breath Of Life

Father Your our breath of Life.

Your the air that i breath.

We fellowship with You inside.

Sweet Union, Communion in You we abide.

Can't You hear Him calling? His whisper

of Love, of Love. In You we're set apart,

we are Your very own. We are hidden in You

outside of time we will never be alone.

To Your Presence within, we will know as we

are Known, as we are known.


Flying so high, our spirit never dies.

We are One in You Lord, we carry Your sword.

Reigning in Your Life, deeper in Your Love.

Our soul soars above, gentle as a dove.

So tenderly, He says, "come be with Me,

into My embrace, My embrace."

(Last Chorus stanza : My child, My sons

and My daughters, My sisters and

My brothers. My Bride, come into My embrace,

My embrace.)-

Father search our heart and soul,

beyond reproach we are found.

A Holy family joined in You, we make a joyful sound.

Claiming nothing for ourselves. In You we are bound,

we are bound. Lord, it's You we long and yearn,

bring us deep into Your heart.

To know all You have planned.

From Your will we wont depart.

Forever One in You. We were created from the start,

from the start.