Are You Ready
Artist: Spiritsong

Are you ready, (repeat) O my Beloved Bride? Are you ready, (repeat)

to rise against the tide? Are you ready, (repeat) to lose your life IN ME?

Are you ready, (repeat) to let go, embrace eternity? Are you ready?

I’m calling, I’m wooing you to my Holy Throne. I’m Loving, I’m doing this for my very

own. I’m hurting, I’m crying for all who lost their way I’m moving, I’m drawing you

closer every day, closer everyday.

Are you ready, (repeat) to have your faith refined by fire? Are you ready

(repeat) when it comes down to the wire? Are you ready, (repeat)

when the end is finally here? Are you ready, (repeat)to let go of all your

fear? Are you ready?

Will you seek? Will you search for the Truth that is IN ME? Will you Love? Will you

reach out for the blind who cannot see? Will you pray? Will you weep for my Power

to Command? Will you touch? Will you heal by My Loving hand, by My Loving Hand?

Are you ready? (Repeat) No more looking back. Are you ready, (repeat)

when you come under attack? Are you ready? (repeat) This world is not

your home. Are you ready, (repeat) to die for ME alone? Are you ready?

I’m calling. I’m wooing. I’m Loving, I’m doing. I’m hurting. I’m crying. I'm moving,

I’m drawing you closer Everyday, closer everyday.

Are you ready, (repeat) when they com take you away? Are you ready? (repeat)

The cost to follow everyday. Are you ready, (repeat) to suffer for My Names sake?

Are you ready, (repeat) if they burn you , burn you at the stake? Are you ready?

Are you ready? Are you ready?