A Broken Heart
Artist: Spiritsong
A Broken Heart

My spirit's all alone, though i know it rests in You. Where does Your

Body roam, Lord show me what to do. Blinded by the tears that flood me in

the night.

Longing to be filled from this emptiness inside. i desire fellowship with

Your beautiful Bride. i will draw close in You where i'll abide.

Searching for a people belonging to Christ. That's where i want to be, a

living sacrifice.

To know and speak the Truth, where You keep my spirit free.You put to

death my flesh, it has no hold on me. Lord heal my broken heart that is

my plea. Cause these deaf ears to hear and blind eyes to see.


Lord a broken heart You will never despise. To ones brought low, You said

stand up and arise! Come to me, i'll not turn you away. I'm calling you

deeper everyday.Though you may not understand why your alone. From the

Body, I call My very own. Trust in me and one day you will see, that I

am you and You are in Me.

Lord You hear the cry deep in my heart. As i wait on You in me You impart.

The Grace and Strength i need to know Your will inside. To worship at

Your feet, in Your Presence i will hide. In You i will endure until the


Closer than a brother, Lord You my best friend.

Intercede through me for the lost and empty soul. You laid upon my heart

to be found in You made whole. i'll live Your Life and say to all who will


The price Christ did pay for their sins and to believe. In the Lord who

nailed our flesh to the Cross. To know You is to count all things lost.